Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Car and crayon caddy

In search of project inspiration, I’ve been following several awesome crafting blogs and checking out their archives to see what I’ve missed. I just loved this little car and crayon clutch made by Sarah at Create Studio, and I had to make one for my car-loving cousin, Ian. What a perfect distraction for a 4-year-old in a restaurant or anywhere else he’s getting bored and antsy!

I wanted to use black denim, but the fabric store didn’t have any, so I went with corduroy instead. I did find some Disney Cars fabric, which was perfect since that’s Ian’s current favorite movie. I stupidly guessed on the measurements, which resulted in my caddy having only three car pockets instead of four, but that was the only major problem I encountered.

I made the crayon pockets wide enough to hold two large washable crayons each, but they’ll also fit 3-4 regular crayons each when Ian is a little older. The crayons are safely tucked under a Velcro flap. I found a great Disney Cars notebook to go with my theme, and the center section of the caddy has both top and side pockets so that different types of notepads can be used.

Little hands can easily fold up the caddy and Velcro it shut for some fun on the go! I finished off my caddy with a sweet Lightning McQueen patch.

Thanks to Sarah for the inspiration!

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  1. Super cute! I love the patch on the front! My little guy loves Lightning McQueeen right now!
    -Sarah from Create Studio