Sunday, March 14, 2010

Felt potato

So I thought that round (or roundish) vegetables would be the toughest to make out of felt, but it turns out that might not be true! The potato was so easy to make that I made two!

I studied a few pictures online of other crafters’ felt potatoes, and I noticed that many of them used only two panels to form the potato. The nice thing about that is you only see two seams, but I thought four panels would help give the potato the roundness that I wanted and the seams would hopefully not be too distracting. I think it was the right call; the potatoes look nice and full. I added the “eyes” after stuffing the potato so that I could tie a knot and then pull the thread through the inside of the potato to make a little pucker at each eye, creating the lumpy look of a real potato.

I’m so happy with how the potatoes turned out that I’m mentally planning some apples, oranges, tomatoes, pears, and other round fruits and vegetables. So far, I have two carrots and two potatoes for my felt garden. I’ll make one or two more of each of those, but I haven’t decided which other vegetables to “plant” in the garden. I can’t think of very many recognizable root vegetables; I’m pretty sure Taylor would not know a turnip or a radish if she saw one. But I suppose that’s how she’ll learn, right?

I had some free time to shop alone today, thanks to my wonderful husband, so I went out in search of the perfect baskets for my garden. I think I found them at Building 19, though I wish the store had two in the smaller size.

I settled for one of each size for now, but I may be checking out another Building 19 next weekend in hopes of finding another small one. It’s nice that these two nest together for storage purposes, but the smaller one is the perfect size for little hands, and two the same size would prevent any fighting over the bigger, better basket. Since the baskets say “Country Market,” I guess I might have to construct some kind of a farm stand as well. Hmmm…I’ll have to mull that one over.

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