Sunday, February 28, 2010

Felt doughnut

When I saw this tutorial for a terrific felt doughnut, I decided to take a brief intermission from my felt vegetable garden to give the doughnut a whirl. I more or less followed these instructions, other than making my frosting a little drippier.

Unfortunately, the only machine stitching is around the circumference of the doughnut, and the recommended “whip stitch” for the inside doughnut seam and frosting attachment is still a mystery to me. I even watched several videos online, but somehow watching someone else whip stitch a curtain hem just didn’t translate when it came to stitching a round, stuffed doughnut. The little tabs around the middle of the doughnut really added to the difficulty for me, as I couldn’t fold them in, hold them, and stitch them at the same time. I even tried pinning a few tabs at a time, but it just didn’t work. I was obviously just missing something, so I fudged the hand-stitching a bit.

I thought the bugle beads made cute sprinkles, but they were a lot of work! It took me several sittings to finish the beading, and at some point Taylor found the stuffed, unfrosted doughnut and decided it was her bracelet. She also found the felt carrot and ran around the house with it under her arm, stopping occasionally to take a big pretend bite, accompanied by her trademark “hup!” I’m not sure how to really spell the noise she makes when fake eating, but it is adorable.

I’m so glad Taylor is enjoying the felt food, and she gives me the motivation to keep on stitchin’!

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